Porsche 964 Carrera 4 – BBS Sport Classic II


Porsche 964 Carrera 4

FOREST GREEN  – 140.000KM – Sold
1989 – zKs
140.000km documented by service manual and invoices
184 kw – 250 hp
310 Nm
0-100 km/h in 5,7 sec
Vmax = 260 km/h


C00 Country code Germany
139 Heated seat, left
328 Radio Blaupunkt “Bremen” – now Grundig by F.A. Porsche
340 Heated seat, right
425 Rear wiper
494 Sound amplifier
573 Air conditioning
650 Electric sunroof
935 Back seats in leather
980 Seats in soft leather


No costs and no efforts were saved to keep this Porsche 911 in excellent condition.  Porsche Classic Check-up available.

Naturally, the service history is documented in the service manual, by NAP, Carpass and by an exhaustive invoice folder.


11/11/89          2.924km           Porsche Knubel (D-Münster)

08/04/92          6.784km         Porsche Knubel (D-Münster)

15/04/95          14.030km        Porsche Knubel (D-Münster)

07/02/98          19.022km       Porsche Knubel (D-Münster)

30/03/99          20.256km       Theo Jansen Porsches (NL-de Wijk)

26/04/00          29.822km       NAP tellerrapport

27/01/01          38.457km         NAP tellerrapport

18/04/01          42.043km        Theo Jansen Porsches (NL-de Wijk)

16/04/02          54.448km        NAP tellerrapport

29/04/03          65.189km        Theo Jansen Porsches (NL-de Wijk)

28/04/04          77.050km        NAP tellerrapport

06/01/05          85.488km        NAP tellerrapport

17/05/05          89.476km         NAP tellerrapport

20/06/05          90.417km        NAP tellerrapport

13/09/05          92.122km        Wittebrug Porsche (NL-Voorburg)

25/07/06          95.579km        Wittebrug Porsche (NL-Voorburg)

30/08/07          98.675km        NAP tellerrapport

29/07/08          101.502km      NAP tellerrapport

31/07/08          101.502km      Wittebrug Porsche (NL-Voorburg)

02/10/09          103.820km      NAP tellerrapport

11/10/10          105.108km        Wittebrug Porsche (NL-Voorburg)

12/10/11          115.252km         NAP tellerrapport

28/02/12          120.055km      Autopark Zuid (NL-Nieuw-Vennep)

19/10/12          130.097km       NAP tellerrapport

22/11/12          130.097km       Autopark Zuid (NL-Nieuw-Vennep)

03/01/14          136.233km      NAP tellerrapport

30/01/14          136.233km      NAP tellerrapport

17/04/14          136.233km      Autopark Zuid (NL-Nieuw-Vennep)

06/02/15          136.839km     NAP tellerrapport

07/02/15          136.839km     Autopark Zuid (NL-Nieuw-Vennep)

02/04/15          137.153km      NAP tellerrapport

29/04/15          137.407km      Gert Beets – Oldtimertaxatie.be

29/05/15          137.443km      Van Beurden Porsche (B-Retie)

11/01/18          139.578km       Van Beurden Porsche (B-Retie)

13/02/18          139.798km      Porsche Centre Antwerpen


The car was just serviced and will be sold on the original 16″ d90 wheels.

18″ BBS Sport Classic II’s can be bought with the car for 2.500€


Please feel free to call me on +32 (0)495 595025 for additional info, pictures or documentation or to make an appointment to inspect the car.